There is no official way to count the quintuplets as far as I know. These are 2 of the methods I use. The first is just to count straight from 1-5. Kinda like counting a real fast measure of 5/8 or 5/16. Except your counting subdivisions not beats.

counting quintuplets in numbers

The next method uses an Indian type of counting. I learned this from the Ralph Humphrey book Even In The Odds. I modified it to fit my own needs. It's an interesting way to sing rhythms and I plan to look into it some more. First practice saying the syllables by themselves. Then start to make longer chains while counting out the beats in a given measures.

counting quintuplets using indian syllables

Download the midi file. Size: 14.7k

Hear the exercises played at 71 bpm. Time 6:30

The single beat basics.

Quintuplets 1-31

Polyrhythms and rhythm clusters.

Quintuplets 32-33
Quintuplets 32-42
Quintuplets 43-49

Always use a metronome when practicing the exercises.

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