Here are more resources to help you develop your ability to play rhythms. There are some staff paper templates and books. If you have anything to contribute, send me an email.

Staff Templates

Here are some printable staffs. They are PNG files that are set-up to print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.
10 staffs that fill the page.
12 staffs with tighter spacing.
12 staffs single line. This one is a single line with tight spacing. Good for writing out rhythm only or percussion parts.
I suggest downloading them and printing them from your favorite image editing or browsing program. If you do print them from the browser, don't forget to turn off the time stamps and such.


Rhythm and Meter. From the Pattern Series by Gary Chaffee.
Polyrhythms for Musicians Vol. I & II by Pete Mangadini.
4/4 Reading Text by Louie Bellson & Gil Breines.
Odd Time Reading Text by Louie Bellson & Gil Breines.

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