Like the Quintuplets, there is no official way to count the septuplets as far as I know. I use the same 2 methods. The first is just to count straight from 1-7. Kind of like counting a real fast measure of 7/8 or 7/16. Except your counting subdivisions not beats.

The second is the Indian type of method. You can count this 2 ways. One with a strong 1 and 4 feel or with a strong 1 and 5 feel.


Counting the septuplets

Download the midi file. Size: 35.3k

Hear the exercises played at 50 bpm. Time 17:22.2

The single beat basics.

Septuplets 1-36
Septuplets 37-72
Septuplets 73-108

The single beat basics continued and Polyrhythms added at 128.

Septuplets 109-132

Rhythm clusters.

Septuplet 133-141
Septuplet 142-143

Always use a metronome when practicing the exercises.

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