I choose to use the Sextuplet grouping and terminology rather than the sixteenth note triplet. I like to break the quarter notes into easy parts. It seems to make my brain happy to think in 6 subdivisions of a quarter note rather than into 3 than dividing in half again. Examples:

Sextuplets = Triplets

Like the Quintuplets, there doesn't seem to be a standard way to count out Sextuplets.

You can use straight counting

Counting in numbers

You can use an Indian type of method

counting sextuplets using indian syllables

You can even use a doubled triplet type of counting

Counting in a double triplet manner

Download the midi file. Size: 19.2k

Hear the exercises played at 65 bpm. Time 8:48

The single beat basics.

Sextuplets 1-33
Sextuplet 34-63

Polyrhythms and rhythm clusters.

Sextuplet 64-74
Sextuplet 75-78

Always use a metronome when practicing the exercises.

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